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Virus Watch: FBI MoneyPak Virus

by: Storm Wooten

This, ladies and gentlemen is called the FBI MoneyPak Virus. It is a form of virus referred to as “ransomware”, if you have it or have gotten it in the past, I’m sure you know why it is called this.

Avast and Microsoft News…

What’s In Your Computer’s Future

Just to show that technology marches on with or without us, both Microsoft and Apple have recently announced information regarding their operating system upgrades coming in the not-so-distant future.

Note: If you don’t care to read all the technical mumbo jumbo that makes us geeks and gear heads get excited, here’s the bottom line. The writing is on the wall for both Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and Windows XP (and possibly Vista) and they will be going the way of the dodo. While this doesn’t mean you have to replace or upgrade your computer or operating system, you need to be aware you may not be able to take advantage of certain software or features in the future. And, securing your PC, as well as maintaining or repairing it, can take more time and be more costly.

There is No Early Warning System-QuickBook Woes

Common Symptoms that you are headed for trouble (or already in trouble):

You go to run a report, and it “takes forever” for the report to display
You get random error messages when opening, closing or working in QuickBooks or QuickBooks shuts down all by itself
You can’t verify, rebuild or backup your QuickBooks data properly
Minimal Computer system requirements according to Intuit are 512MB minimum. This isn’t even enough to run your computer. We recommend no less than:

Update: The Upcoming Hard Drive Shortage

In our last newsletter we posted a tidbit of information regarding the flooding in Thailand and how this effecting many hard drive manufactures. In a recent article by TechCrunch, “Power was restored in the last week in some areas and Western Digital has just turned the lights back on at one of its factories there.” But, they are still not able to open their remaining facilities.