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HOW TO: Remove Hidden Data in MS-Office® documents

When you create a document in a MS-Office® application (ie. MS-Word®, MS-Excel®, MS-Powerpoint®), it retains all of the modifications you’ve made during the creation of the document. It does this so that you can restore to a previous revision if need be, collaborate with others, etc. While this is a nice feature while you are editing a document, you might not want to include this content in the final product.

How To: Microsoft Outlook Mail Merge

As with everything else with computers, there are a dozen different ways to do anything. Most of them are for more complicated than they need to be. Using the step-by-step instructions provided in this document, you will learn an EASY way to merge your contacts from MS-Outlook® into a MS-Word® document.

For the sake of simplicity, we are creating address labels.

Software Version Required:
MS-Office® 2002