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The Rename

When you need to rename just one file or just a few, the utilities provided with the operating system work great. But what if you want to rename LOTS of files? What if you want to rename them so that they are consistently named? What if you want to process them in a batch? This is where THE RENAME excels. Written by Hervé Thouzard, The Rename allows you to do all of these tasks - allowing you to preview your changes and auditing for conflicts BEFORE the rename actually occurs. It’s freeware. You may donate to the author or support cancer research via the author’s website.


We have used a variety of FTP clients and servers to transfer data between locations. Typically, our clients (even the big ones) use the FTP tools included with the operating system. It’s great that they are there - and when used only occasionally or to do something quick and dirty - they do the job - but ... we’ve encountered the occasional error with these applications because they are typically single-threaded applications and choke when you feed them large files.

An open source application, FileZilla is a fast FTP and SFTP client for Windows with a lot of features. Both client and server modules are available.