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Service Technician

We are looking to add to our Technical Support Team in the next few months.  This is not an immediate position; our interview process is lengthy and includes a series of tests starting when you submit your resume.  Yes - a resume is required. 

We also require a technical degree or certification or considerable prior experience in a professional environment.  You will be required to pursue ongoing education as it relates to our industry and provide updates to management as you progress in your education. 

You must be adaptable to rapid change.  Ours is fast moving constantly evolving industry. 

We require strong thinking skills with the ability to identify and resolve what are sometimes complex problems.  You must be able to diagnose, repair, maintain, install, and resolve issues related to personal computers, servers, networks, auxiliary equipment, and computer applications.  We work on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

All of us are sales people.  You must be able to explain to the customer what the issue was, how it was resolved, and how to prevent recurrence in the future, in terms that are easily understood by the customer, both verbally and in writing.  When working in the office you will experience frequent interruptions - and you’ll need to be able to take care of those distractions in a professional manner and then get back to the task at hand.  You may have to deal with a customer who isn’t happy with your work - and you’ll be expected to make that right - including doing the work over - at no charge.  You’ll get kudos when you do a good job or get a good referral. 

Documentation is critical.  You’ll answer telephones and route calls to the appropriate party.  You’ll answer customer questions and escalate those to another technician when you don’t have the answer.  You’ll keep notes of all communications.  You’ll create service tickets for work orders.  You’ll utilize and contribute to our knowledge base.  You will be required to document the customer’s system and all activity related to it.  You will be required to handle confidential information with the utmost discretion.  You’ll document your time and activities on a daily basis.  You’ll attend weekly staff meetings and be expected to tell us what you’ve been working on and how you are progressing.

Nobody works in a vacuum.  We recognize that nobody knows everything and sometimes it takes multiple minds to arrive at a solution.  We also understand that sometimes you need to walk away.  You must be able to work independently but more importantly - as a part of the team. 

Downtime is not an option.  You will be required to provide after hours support to our clients on a rotating weekly basis.  24/7/365.

Everybody starts at the bottom.  The first jobs that you work on may be piddly things - and you may only be a helper.  Nobody works on our customer’s systems until we know that they are capable of doing the job in the manner that we want to have it done.

All technicians are paid a base salary plus commission.  We expect that you will show up for work when scheduled.  Initially you will work part-time IN our Saugatuck office.  As we get to know you and you show us what you are capable of it will get more exciting, you’ll get more hours, and you’ll make more money.  Long term you will be working flexible hours at various locations throughout the Lakeshore area.

To be considered, send us your resume.