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Christmas and New Years Office Hours

Just a friendly reminder!

The last of the 2009 holidays are here.  Just wanted to remind you all that Big Blue Water will be closed on Thursday the 24th and Friday the 25th.  Also, closed Friday the 1st of January.  We wish you all a safe and happy Christmas and New Year.  



Regardless of the email client that you use – or whether you use Windows or Mac – there are 3 options for addressing your email or choosing the recipients of your email.
·         The “TO” button is the most commonly used – if you are sending a message to one person or several people, you will generally type each person’s email address on the TO line or choose each person from your address book.   Everybody that you send the message to will see the email addresses of everybody else that you sent the message to.
·         The “CC” button is a carbon copy – used when you want to send a message to one person and “carbon copy” that message to others.    Essentially, it achieves the same thing that you would get if you put everybody on the “TO” line – everybody that you send the message to will see the email addresses of everybody else that you sent the message to.
·         The “BCC” button is a BLIND carbon copy.     Different from the “TO” and “CC” buttons, recipients listed on the BCC line will NOT see who else you sent the message to.
Why would you use BCC?
Because it protects the privacy of the people that you send email to – as well as your integrity – and keeps people from unsubscribing or asking you to not send email to them.     Some people don’t care – but a lot of people don’t want to have their email address published to everyone.    If you regularly send email to groups of people, it may also protect you from the email police (Spam and abuse filters).
Sending group mail
1.       Create a new address book entry for yourself – put your email address in the EMAIL field and in the full name field, call it “Undisclosed Recipients”.
2.       Create a distribution list for the people you want to send your message to.   
3.       When you create your email:
·         Choose “Undisclosed Recipients” for the TO address
·         Choose the distribution list for the BCC address
4.       Create your message and send it!

Cranberry Holiday Punch

1 can of frozen Orange Juice
1 can of frozen Lemonade
1/2 gallon of water
2 two liter bottles of Cranberry Soda

Put the frozen juice and lemonade into a punch bowl, add water and then the Cranberry soda. Stir gently.  Allow some time for the frozen juice to thaw before serving.  You can add cranberries or sliced oranges for a colorful punch bowl garnish.

Thanks Charles! :)

December 22nd, 2009

Big Blue Water, LLC
3481-B Blue Star Hwy.
Saugatuck, MI

Phone: 269-857-5517
Fax: 269-857-5080

Business hours:
Monday thru Friday
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Send a Soldier a Netbook

Big Blue Water along with other local businesses are joining together to support our soldiers.  Soldiers are sent away from friends and family for long periods of time and we, at Big Blue Water, would like to use technology to bring our soldiers closer to those they love.  Beginning October 2009 we will began a campaign to collect funds to purchase and donate a netbook to soldiers departing to Iraq. 

If you would like to help, feel free to stop by our office to drop off your donation amount.  Or, go to to make a contibution via PayPal.  Also available are donation cans at The Sand Bar Saloon, the Fennville VFW and Caravanserai Bakery.

Any questions?  Please call Melissa at Big Blue Water 269-857-5517.

Featured Customer of the Month

CARAVANSERAI Bakery located at 3465 Blue Star Hwy, Suite 400,  in North Pointe Mall in Saugatuck is ready for the Holidays!  Please stop in and order Artisan Breads, Pastries, and Chocolates for your holiday party or for gift-giving.  Cakes, Desserts, and Bread Trays too!  The Bakery also has WI-FI available for their dine-in customers.  Phone:  616-928-7603   Hours:  Tuesday through Saturday (8:00 am to 5:30 pm); Sunday (9:00 am to 4:00 pm).  NEW:   Serving soups for lunch - 11:00 am to 2:00 pm!
CARAVANSERAI is also collecting donations for Netbooks for Soldiers on behalf of Big Blue Water.
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