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Operating Systems and the Purpose of a CPU: Letter From a Customer

Hi Betty,

In school I am taking a class call the Fundamentals of Operating Systems.

If I understand it right an operating system is like Windows Vista. And the operating system is the brain of the computer because it makes everything work together. Example: mouse, keyboard, monitor, and printer. It controls what is put into the computer and what comes out. Like when you strick a key on the keyboard it is the input and then when you see the typing on the screen this is the output.

Does this make any sense to you Betty? Am I understanding what an operating system is and what it does?

I am also taking a Unix class.

- Mary

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Recovery Media

Most computer systems no longer include “Recovery Media” (Disks or CDs used to restore your computer system to it’s factory shipped state). Many do not even include Operating System disks.

This is not specific to systems purchased from any one company, but now standard practice throughout the entire industry.

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