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A New Addition to the
Big Blue Water Website

We have a new addition to the Big Blue Water website.  Recently added is a "Get Support Now" tab that allows you the option to sit at home in your PJ's and receive computer support via the Internet.  Please keep in mind that not every problem can be solved using remote assistance and this tool is still billed at the normal hourly rate provided you have a valid account with us. We advise you call the office during business hours to briefly describe the computer issue so we can  schedule a time for either service in-store, at your location or using remote support.  

Shortcuts For Everyone!

Quite often people ask for a list of the most commonly used keyboard shortcuts to use on their computer.  Well, you asked and we deliver.  Below you will find all the new and fun things you can quickly accomplish by using the "Ctrl" key on your keyboard.  There are many more shortcuts but we figured this is a good way to get started.

Ctrl + A = selecting ALL the text in the area your cursor is placed.  This is a nice tool for changing fonts in documents without missing random words or sentences.

Ctrl + C = copy text you have already highlighted.

Ctrl + X = cut text that you have already highlighted.

Ctrl + V = paste the text you've already cut or copied in the area your cursor is currently placed.

Ctrl + B = bolding the text you have already highlighted.  Come on, draw a little attention to it.

Ctrl + I = italicizing the text you have already highlighted.
Ctrl + U =underline the text you have already highlighted.
Ctrl + Z = undo what you just did.

Last, but not least, is one of my favorites.  This one is a great little helper for those who don't want to read an entire webpage or document to find what they're looking for.

Ctrl + F= opens a find/search box in the window your working in.  All you do is type in a word or two of what your looking for and bingo, there it is, located and highlighted for you.  How's that for speed reading? 

Computer Virus Finds A Door.
Are You Letting It In?

FYI to those surfing the Web.  There is a new computer virus traveling the internet that has found a doorway into your computer with the stroke of one key.  Beware if you're prompted to strike the F1 key while visiting any website.  The F1 key is normally used to start the Windows Help function, but this new attacker has found a way to sneak in and infect your computer when this key is pressed.  So remember, if asked to press F1 while online, DON'T DO IT, your opening the doorway to having a sick computer on your hands.  The one piece of good news is that this particular virus does not effect computers running Windows Vista.  But still, be cautious as to what you're letting in.


March 19, 2010

Big Blue Water, LLC
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Phone: 269-857-5517
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Send a Soldier a Netbook

Big Blue Water along with other local businesses are joining together to support our soldiers.  Soldiers are sent away from friends and family for long periods of time and we, at Big Blue Water, would like to use technology to bring our soldiers closer to those they love.  October 2009 we began a campaign to collect funds to purchase and donate a netbook to soldiers being deployed to Iraq. 

If you would like to help, feel free to stop by our office to drop off your donation amount.  Or, go to to make a contibution via PayPal.  Also available are donation cans at The Sand Bar Saloon, the Fennville VFW, Pullmand VFW, Holland VFW and Caravanserai Bakery.

Any questions?  Please call Melissa at Big Blue Water

One More Netbook Delivered

Another Netbook has been delivered to a deploying soldier.  The Netbook was delivered in December 2009 and the presentation was held at the VFW Hall in Fennville.  Thank you for the donations made by the CowHill Yacht Club in memory of Ronald J. Bieke and those who continue to drop spare change in the donation cans around town.  More Netbooks to be delivered soon!
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