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Another Netbook Delivered.  We're On A Roll!

ky Schippa received his netbook in May.  The presentation was done by Betty Hardin, of Big Blue Water, and Owen Smith, of the Pullman VFW.  Funds for this netbook came from the Saugatuck VFW Post and collection jars located in Saugatuck, Douglas and Fennville.  Rocky deployed on May 24th, shortly after the presentation.  Our best wishes go with Rocky and to his family.  As always, thank you for continued support.

We are currently accepting donations for Brian Walker of Fennville who is deploying in September.

Storm Season is Here

Brown outs and black outs are part of living in Michigan during storm season.  Within the last month Big Blue Water has diagnosed numerous computers with a bad power supply or motherboard, caused by a power surge.  A power surge is an increase in electrical current whereas  a brown out or a black out is the reduction of power.

Brown out's are commonly noticed when the lights dim whereas a black out is when the power/lights go out completely.  All of these fluctuations in electrical current can cause damage to a computer that is connected to an electrical outlet.  

To help prevent damage here are some tips to keep in mind:

1.  Plug your computer into a UPS battery backup.  These devices provide conditioning of the electrical source and an alternative power source which enables you to safely shut down the computer in the event of a power failure.

2.  Never plug directly into the outlet.

3.  Don't think a power surge protector will save your computer.  Surge suppressors condition the electrical source but don't always stop a power surge.  They also do not provide a safety net like the UPS Battery system.

If you experience a brown out, the change in power can cause the read-write arm of the hard drive to
abruptly drop on the platters where the data is stored causing physical damage to the hard drive (much like dropping a needle on and old LP album).

4.  When disconnecting cables be sure to disconnect the phone and network cables also.  Electricity hitting 
the foundation of a house has been known to travel through phone cables.

Some clients (and Betty)have mentioned unplugging their machines when they know a storm is coming their way, which can work as long as you remember tip number 4 shown above.  

If you do choose to unplug your PC completely remember to let the PC fully shut down before pulling the plug.  Click start and tell the machine to shut down, wait for it to properly close down all open programs and let it shut down by itself - don't push the power button!  Pushing the button prematurely can have the same effect on the hard drive as an electrical fluctuation.

If you have any questions or think your machine may have experienced a power surge and is now not functioning properly please call us.


Microsoft XP SP2 Is Officially No Longer Supported

Well folks it's official.  As of July 13th, 2010 Windows XP SP2 has reached end of life and will no longer receive support through Microsoft.  Microsoft releases updates or patches every Tuesday.  These updates help to keep your computer safe from vulnerabilities in the operating system.  Microsoft 7, Vista and XP SP3 will still be eligible for patches Microsoft identifies and releases to it's users. 

If you're unsure what your PC is running contact Big Blue Water and we can assist you to make sure your computer is running a supported Operating System that is keeping your information safe.

August 3, 2010
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Send a Soldier a Netbook

Big Blue Water, along with other local businesses, are joining together to support our soldiers.  Soldiers are sent away from friends and family for long periods of time and we, at Big Blue Water, would like to use technology to bring our soldiers closer to those they love.  In October 2009 we began a campaign to collect funds to purchase and donate a netbook to soldiers being deployed to Iraq and Afganistan. 

If you would like to help, feel free to stop by our office to drop off your donation amount.  Or, you may go to to make a contibution via PayPal.  Also available are donation cans at The Sand Bar Saloon, the Fennville VFW, Pullman VFW, Holland VFW and Caravanserai Bakery.

Any questions?  Please call Melissa at Big Blue Water

Infected Motherboards Ship From Dell

Recently Dell has made headlines of shipping malware infected servers to consumers.  For those who don't know malware is a malicious software whose intent is to infiltrate the computer system without the owners knowledge.  Typically, you'll see various symptoms such as slow down of the machine, inability to get online or navigate to certain websites.  In some cases malware can render a PC unusable.  Malware is also known to, at times, breach security of personal information.  

In a recent statement from Dell they claim to be contacting those with the infected motherboards and shipping replacement parts, "Dell is aware of the issue and is contacting affected customers.  The issue affects a limited number of replacement motherboards in four servers - Power Edge R310, Power Edge R410, Power Edge R510 and Power Edge T410 – and only potentially manifests itself when a customer has a specific configuration and is not running current anti-virus software.   This issue does not affect systems as shipped from our factory and is limited to replacement parts only.  Dell has removed all impacted motherboards from its service supply chain and new shipping replacement stock does not contain the malware.  Customers can find more information on Dell’s community forum" (Naraine, Ryan  Threat Post 2010)
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