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Send a Soldier a Netbook

When you are deployed to war in a foreign country, the ability to communicate with friends & family back home is sometimes the only way to cope. Help us help our soldiers stay in touch.

A netbook with a built-in camera provides the ability to communicate visually over the internet at little or no cost - with not just one person but a whole group of people at one time.

Help us help our soldiers to stay in touch.

Big Blue Water, along with other businesses, is collecting donations to provide a soldier with a netbook to help them stay in touch with their loved ones.

Stop in our office - or any of the other participating locations - or use the button below to make a donation.

Any questions? Please call Big Blue Water at 866-399-7562.

Soldiers Deployed

  • Rob Boyce
  • Steven Kirkwood III
  • Michael Hurd
  • Johnathan Brown
  • Zachary Kragness
  • Morgan Boles
  • Brian Walker
  • Travis Barber
  • Russ Beckley Jr.
  • Timothy Greer
  • Trevor Ridley Bundrick

Thanks to our Contributors

The Road Knights Motorcycle Club, West Olive MI

and donors of the "Support the Troops Party" April 16, 2011