Safer Surfing

First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered any application that was 100% bug-free; even ‘top of the line, $5000 per user license’ applications. Yes, they have bugs – but so does everything else. So in that respect …


A lot of companies are afraid to allow remote access to their systems – and dependent upon the configuration of your system – your fears may be valid. Fear is a good thing – unless you are paralyzed by it.

Information Management. What’s that?

Information Management is the handling of the communication or reception of knowledge, intelligence, or data; typically obtained through investigation, study, or instruction.

Sometimes it’s ensuring compliance with governmental regulation.

Preventitive Maintenance

The trend in Corporate America today is to downsize in-house support staff. First, it is costly to maintain in-house support staff, and second, it is hard, except in larger corporations, to attract, keep, and maintain dynamic support teams.

The focus becomes development and integration and putting out fires in the interim. As a result, things fall through the cracks …