Computer Support

Repair. Upgrade. Throw it out. Cradle-to-Grave Computer Service.

We’ll help you spec out a new one.

We’ll help you buy it. We’ll help you set it up. Configure it. Learn to use it. When it’s slow and old and all but useless, we’ll help you find a better use for it. If it’s junk, it’s junk – we know how to get rid of junk too.

We are skilled in all of the standard office applications. Quite a few different databases, accounting, erp/mrp, and pos systems. Better than that, we are skilled in the PROCESSES required to manage your business. Even if we have not had experience with a specific application, we have the SKILL to quickly figure it out and make it work – because we know the concepts behind the development of the software. We know how the hardware works. We know what makes it tick.

VIRUSES?  MALWARE?  PHISHING?  SECURITY?? We are partnered with the best in anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-phishing security providers. BOTH PC & MAC. We use both in our own business. We are the people that you are looking for. Really.