Database Administration & Development

Data is ALL that information you put into your computer. The companies, people, documents, procedures, work instructions, processes, PO’s, CO’s, Materials, Inventory, Invoices .. ALL of that data you put into your computer.  In a manufacturing environment, they call it ERP (“Enterprise Resource Planning”).  It’s the thing, the software, that pulls your people and processes together.  It’s the software that you use to manage everything from receiving a request from the customer to fullfillment of that request.

Underneath that ERP application is a database.  The database is the storage location for all of your data.  We maintain that database to ensure that it is optimally functional.  We write the code that creates the interface between the data and you – or your equipment.  We automate processes and make it run itself; it it runs into a snag, IT calls us first – so that you never know you had a problem.  We are very adept at troubleshooting and resolving issues.

We understand business.  We understand workflow.  We understand that downtime is not an option.

We primarily work with the Progress database, and have worked on Symix, Syteline, QAD, and Healthmatics applications (both Unix and Windows environments).  We also offter custom development on smaller systems including MS-Access, Foxpro, and Alpha5.