Welcome to Big Blue Water

Thank you for coming.

Big Blue Water is a woman owned technology company located in West Michigan with customers coast to coast.  Our role is that of a ‘trusted advisor’ in all areas of technology with an emphasis on building and maintaining the customer relationship while providing the absolute best technical support.  We support residential, small business, and corporate environments both on site and through remote access.

We provide consulting services, computer repair, networking, web design, database services and others, as needed, to a wide range of clients.

Our customers say … 

“I just want it to work … which it has since you took over.”

“Best support go-to-guru we’ve “ever” had!  He’s priceless!”

“..Very pleased with the work … I recommend you to anyone because of your approach and results.”

“Thanks! you’re the BEST.”

“We depend on Big Blue Water to keep us “up and running”. We are open 7 days a week and have an extremely busy seasonal business. They are willing to respond immediately when we need them! We do not have an internal IT person, so we need someone that is available to us!!”

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