Data Recovery

Concerned about your data? If you have a device with failed data storage you have options. First, contact Big Blue Water and we can schedule a time to review the device and discuss potential in-house solutions to recover the data. If the device requires more than we can do in-house the next option would be to contact Gillware Data Recovery. Gillware performs data recovery solutions on traditional hard disk drives, solid state drives, RAID, flash media, smartphones, tablets, and other devices as well.

We have referred clients to Gillware who’s hard disk drives required cleanroom level recovery. So far, we’ve heard good feedback from the clients regarding Gillware.

Want to know a bit more about Gillware?

If you’re a government agency, know that “Gillware is a GSA contract holder with SOC 2 Type II audited data recovery facilities, making us the perfect choice for government agencies in need of data retrieval from failed storage devices.”

Gillware is also partnered with VMWare, Dell, and MicroCenter

How does the process work?

Step 1. Click the following link to go to Gillware Data Recovery and create a new data recovery case for your specific device.

Step 2. Ship your device to Gillware (free inbound shipping). Details provided once you begin a new case with Gillware.

Step 3. Once Gillware receives your device they offer free consultation and a policy of “no data, no fee” guarantee.