Big Blue Water is a professional computer services company located in West Michigan providing computer repair, networking, web design and database services to a wide range of clients. We help our clients to better utilize their computer systems.

We help you to manage – and learn to manage – your computer systems. We support standalone, networked, and enterprise environments.

We do Information Management.

That includes PC support – but a whole lot more. Yes; we can fix your computer, build one to your specifications, or help you to spec out a new one. We’ll hold your hand if you prefer to do it yourself.

We can answer your questions. If we don’t know the answer we can get it.

  • We audit your systems.
  • Document what we find
  • Help you to prioritize the issues
  • Research the alternatives
  • Identify cost-effective solutions
  • Manage the implementation
  • Develop customizations
  • Integrate with other applications
  • Publish the results
  • Train your people
  • Maintain the system after go-live