Customer Service .. in the backseat?

Get in the backseat.

Customer Services does NOT take a backseat!

We’ve got a Database Administration contract with a local manufacturing company.  Part of the job is to maintain their contracts with other external IT vendors (typically LARGE national or international companies).  Sometimes that means talking to someone in a foreign country who can barely speak English (making communication difficult to say the least), and sometimes that means working with our competitors.
I enjoy working with our competitors – it gives me a birds-eye view of things.

I HATE it when …

I have to make 14 calls to get to the ‘right’ person.
I am left on hold indefinitely – and then disconnected before I get through to someone.
I ask for documentation and it takes WEEKS to get it!
I saw him write it down, he promised I would have it the next day, it’s been more than a month and I still don’t have it.  I have decisions to make pending on that documentation.  I don’t care if it’s on a napkin.

I have been calling twice a week since the service was performed.  I called again today, attempted to get through to a management person and got the same technician again.  His response?

These things take a backseat …

Documentation does NOT take a backseat.  Customer Services does NOT take a backseat.  Sometimes things need to be put on the shelf – but NEVER in the backseat.

We document what we do – and explain what we did – always.

If anyone at Big Blue Water ever puts you in the backseat – or even makes you feel like you are in the backseat – I want to know about it; the situation will promptly be resolved.

Ours is an open door; and we want YOU, the customer, right in the front with us.