We all like something free now and then. It’s even better when it’s something of quality for free …  Picasa® is a digital photo album owned by Google®—one of the (if not THE) top-rated search engines on the internet.

When you first install it, it scans your computer for all picture formats that it finds, and then organizes them according to date. It automatically finds the imaging devices attached to your PC (your camera, scanner, etc.). You can choose to let it run automatically—or configure it to monitor only certain folders and/or devices on your system.  There are multiple views available—photo albums, timeline, and slideshow. You can organize your photos by simply dragging & dropping them into a new location. You can crop, enhance, and rotate them. Print a listing of the pictures in your album. Assign multiple keywords to each picture. Search for pictures by the keywords you’ve assigned. Export them to Tivo-DVD® format. Share with others via email. Post them to your website blog and share them interactively with a friend (via an add-on application called “Hello”).  Export, resize, create a movie …  Print, Email, and order prints ….  It’s a full featured application. I’ve been playing with it for some time now and haven’t found any drop-dead limitations. It supports TIF, JPG (default), GIF, Photoshop (PSD), PNG, and movie formats.

Enjoy !