HOW TO: Remove Hidden Data in MS-Office® documents

When you create a document in a MS-Office® application (ie. MS-Word®, MS-Excel®, MS-Powerpoint®), it retains all of the modifications you’ve made during the creation of the document. It does this so that you can restore to a previous revision if need be, collaborate with others, etc. While this is a nice feature while you are editing a document, you might not want to include this content in the final product.


  1. Download the utility to remove hidden content.
  2. Go to the directory where you saved the download and double-click the file (rhdtool) to run setup
    Restart your computer.
  3. Open a MS-Office® application (it doesn’t matter which).
  4. Open (or create) a document in the selected application.
  5. From the main menu, choose FILE – REMOVE HIDDEN DATA. The following screen is displayed.image
  6. Enter a new filename and click the NEXT button (the tool saves a copy of the original document, keeping the original intact).
  7. Click FINISH. The tool displays a log file (in Notepad) documenting the content removed from the document.


Make sure that you send the revised document and not the original.