ALL Digital TV Coming February 17 2009

By law, all televisions have to be digital by February 17th.  The go-live started on December 15.  Chances are, if you have satelite or cable, you are already digital – or if you’ve gone out and bought a new television in the last couple years.  If you want to know – before you go out and spend the money on a digital converter or new television .. tune in to your local 6pm news on Wednesday.

Television stations around the country are planning to run several tests to verify that things are working.  The first of these, here in West Michigan, will air on Wednesday this week at 6:08 pm.  The test will run for 1-1/2 minutes – so you’ll miss if if you are not tuned in.  The good news is that they will be running several other tests between now and February 17th; you can get the full details for the southern West Michigan area here: