Charles Lacy

Charles has 10 years experience providing a full range of computer services for small and medium sized businesses including installation, administration, service, and support of technical infrastructures as well as graphics design, development, and website maintenance. He is experienced in Networking, Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X, E-mail systems, and personal databases.

Charles is the designer and webmaster for Big Blue Water and maintains his personal website, Something Wicked Studios.

Although he has only 10 years professional experience, Charles has been working with computers most of his life – shortly after his mother, Betty, began working with computers in 1980. (This makes him about seven years old when he started).

Charles, growing up, was a very studious kid. Very intelligent, he maintained an (almost) 4.0 grade average throughout his school years. His greatest interests were (and still are) illustration & graphic design.

He studied Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, and has taken several courses in Advertising Layout & Design, as well as Business Management. He enjoys working on computers and is always learning something new. At present, he is studying integration of PHP & SQL, in addition to Perl and Macromedia Flash.

Prior to joining Big Blue Water, Charles worked as a Computer Systems consultant, Systems Administrator, Engineering Assistant and factory rat in several industries.

He is the (very good) single father of two children, Devyn & Trevor, and spends every spare minute that he gets with his kids.