Spring Cleaning

Spring is here!

Spring is upon us.  Flowers are blooming.  Tax day is gone.  It’s that time of year when we get out our brooms and mops and cleanup the dust that has accumulated throughout the winter.

It’s springtime!  God let a breath of fresh air come through the door this morning as my husband was going out.  Although it had a chill in it, there’s a difference—it’s not the chill of wintertime.

There are several things you should check now that spring is here …

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How’s Your Memory?

Here’s a little memory test for everyone…

Most people know that you can right-click on the MY COMPUTER icon, choose PROPERTIES from the menu displayed, and see how much memory is in your computer.

But there is another way—and the other way will give you a little better idea whether or not you have enough memory.
Even if you’re not a computer whiz you can do this.

April Newsletter 2009

Below is the Blue Water News for April.  It is an Adobe PDF file, you will need the Acrobat Reader installed.

This issue includes Cleaning Your Computer, Preventative Maintenace Schedules and Checking Your Memory. 


Syteline Data Archive

Presented at the West Michigan Progress Users Group meeting on January 15 2009, this document outlines Syteline ERP data retention, period end, and year end processing.  It includes the steps necessary to create a standalone live backup of the Syteline ERP environment.

Syteline Data Archive

Progress After Imaging

“After Imaging” is the transaction logging mechanism built into the Progress database.  It enables ongoing ‘backup’ of database transactions as they occur – providing the ability to move these off to a 2nd machine where they can be applied to a copy of the original database – thus providing a ‘live spare’ of the production database to be used in the event of hardware disaster on the production server.  It can also be used to create a ‘read-only’ database for reporting purposes.

This presentation was given at the West Michigan Progress Users Group in October 2008.

Progress After Imaging