Yelp is using Facebook to personalize your experience

Facebook, for quite a while now, has been sharing our personal information across the web.  It’s all about marketing and who owns the demographics.  Does it jeopardize your identity?  Yes – it does.  Can you stop it?  Not really.  You can spend your life blocking the multitude of applications that want your personal information.  Can you opt out later or take them to court?  Sure.  Good luck with that.

WIth YELP hooked into Facebook, you can see whose looking at what, what they “Like”, and what they’re doing on the Yelp site.  Some of you might like that.  If you own a business it might be good for your business.

Personally, I don’t want to publish what I am buying or reviewing or website I am visiting.  To me; that’s private information …

Attaching a file to an e-mail using Outlook Express

John, one of our customers who uses Outlook Express, recently had issues attaching a file to an email message.  The issue was that the program association in Internet Explorer had been changed to use “Outlook” instead of “Outlook Express”.  This is how I fixed it – and as a follow-up – these are instructions for John to show how to attach files to an email message.  (Click the title to learn more ..)

What is an operating system?

Hi Betty,

In school I am taking a class call the Fundamentals of Operating Systems.

If I understand it right an operating system is like Windows Vista. And the operating system is the brain of the computer because it makes everything work together. Example: mouse, keyboard, monitor, and printer. It controls what is put into the computer and what comes out. Like when you strick a key on the keyboard it is the input and then when you see the typing on the screen this is the output.

Does this make any sense to you Betty? Am I understanding what an operating system is and what it does?

I am also taking a Unix class.
– Mary

Choosing the right cartridge

We've had people come in to buy an ink cartridge and they have no idea what they need; quite often, they don't even know what printer they have – and we have even had people who've bought an ink cartridge only because it was the "right" brand – and then brought it back later because it did not work with their computer.   As recently as last week, we had someone bring back an inkjet cartridge because it has "stopped working" – after six weeks printing 31 pages per day.  We assume that you know what you need; if you don't know what you need, ask someone to help you.

The purpose of this article is to educate you on buying the right ink cartridge…

Laser or Inkjet? … things to consider when buying a new printer

We get several people coming in asking for recommendations about which printer to buy. Whether you buy inkjet or laser depends on several things. If you are looking for speed, quality, volume, long life of the documents you print, and an overall lower cost of ownership, go with laser. If you print in low volume (10-12 pages per day) or you are looking to print photographic images, choose an inkjet.