When is it time to reload your Operating System?

Long long ago when you bought a new computer, the manufacturer provided CDs with the computer that would help you to restore the computer back to its original factory condition in the event that something went wrong.  Nowadays – they don’t.  They’ve changed over to providing you with an operating …

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By Betty Hardin, Big Blue Water LLC – January 12, Loop to Loop .. You’ve setup an email system to send periodic messages to your clients and prospects.  You’ve also setup an auto responder so that incoming messages are automatically responded to.  Although you have an internal mail server, all …

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Security Online

(Presented 01/12/2011 at the Saugatuck Networking Group)

Another Netbook Delivered!

Rocky Schippa received his netbook in May.  The presentation was done by Betty Hardin, of Big Blue Water, and Owen Smith, of the Pullman VFW.  Funds for this netbook came from the Saugatuck VFW Post and collection jars located in Saugatuck, Douglas and Fennville.  Rocky deployed on May 24th, shortly after the presentation.  Our best wishes go with Rocky and to his family.  As always, thank you for continued support.