Web Design

Thinking about a website?

Or revising the one you have?

The first things you need to consider are the goal(s) and content of your site. What do you want it to do and be?  How much time and money are you willing and able to put into it? More importantly – how much time and money do you have to do it OVER?

Even if you want to start small, you have to start with the end in mind (or at least a clear vision of the end). You have to allow for future expansion.

A website can be as simple – and static- as a brochure containing nothing more than basic information about your company with a few pictures thrown in. It can also be as complex as a portal to your back end business systems. Either way, you will have to write something, or convey your thoughts to someone else to do the writing. If you want photographs, those photographs will have to be made ready for the web.

Regardless of the complexity, it has to start with a plan.

The majority or the sites we design and develop are driven by a content management system (CMS). A CMS enables you to manage your own content on the website without having to return to the designer for every little change that needs to be made. If you prefer not to manage the site yourself, we can manage it for you.

Give us a call to kick things around ..

Below, are a few examples:

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