Tools for recording conversations

And why would you want to do that?

Some of my best thoughts come from conversation.  A phone conversation, a chat, conversations with myself when I am driving down the road.  I think I’m a pretty smart girl.  Quite often, some of my conversations get quite deep.  The answer to something I’ve been looking for is in the conversation.  But an hour later when the conversation is done; so is that thought.  Even if I could write that one thought down, it is dependent on the conversation that came before and the conversation that came after.

While the brain (another thing I’ve always been interested in) is a far better ‘computer’ with far more capability and I’m sure that it captures everything .. we’ve got our lives so cluttered with crap that recollection is hard to come by.

So these are the tools I use …

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Yelp is using Facebook to personalize your experience

Facebook, for quite a while now, has been sharing our personal information across the web.  It’s all about marketing and who owns the demographics.  Does it jeopardize your identity?  Yes – it does.  Can you stop it?  Not really.  You can spend your life blocking the multitude of applications that want your personal information.  Can you opt out later or take them to court?  Sure.  Good luck with that.

WIth YELP hooked into Facebook, you can see whose looking at what, what they “Like”, and what they’re doing on the Yelp site.  Some of you might like that.  If you own a business it might be good for your business.

Personally, I don’t want to publish what I am buying or reviewing or website I am visiting.  To me; that’s private information …

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By Betty Hardin, Big Blue Water LLC – January 12, Loop to Loop .. You’ve setup an email system to send periodic messages to your clients and prospects.  You’ve also setup an auto responder so that incoming messages are automatically responded to.  Although you have an internal mail server, all

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Another Netbook Delivered!

Rocky Schippa received his netbook in May.  The presentation was done by Betty Hardin, of Big Blue Water, and Owen Smith, of the Pullman VFW.  Funds for this netbook came from the Saugatuck VFW Post and collection jars located in Saugatuck, Douglas and Fennville.  Rocky deployed on May 24th, shortly after the presentation.  Our best wishes go with Rocky and to his family.  As always, thank you for continued support.

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9th Netbook Delivered

The 9th “Send a Soldier a Netbook” was presented on Memorial Day, at the VFW Post #7911 following the parade and memorials.
After graduation from Fennville High School in 2006, Morgan Bolles joined the US Army National Guard in 2007.He expects to be deployed in June to Iraq with his specialty in aviation. Marty Busser, past commander and Vietnam Veteran presented the Netbook to Morgan. Also in attendance was his Mother, Michele Garcia, and Betty Hardin.

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Take Care Coming into the Holidays …

He asked if I’d take a quick look at his computer; it wasn’t working well and he didn’t have a lot of money to spend on it but he really needed his computer for his business – this afternoon if possible.  Friends being friends, I said “sure, bring it over”.  He brought me FIVE of them.  “Somebody” had already worked on them for him.  Two of them were literally gutted – parts lying loose inside the machine.

The original machine that we were talking about came in with “pop-ups” and “system32 errors”.    343 viruses plus a rogue antivirus program plus Norton Internet Security that expired a year ago.

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Spring Cleaning

Spring is here!

Spring is upon us.  Flowers are blooming.  Tax day is gone.  It’s that time of year when we get out our brooms and mops and cleanup the dust that has accumulated throughout the winter.

It’s springtime!  God let a breath of fresh air come through the door this morning as my husband was going out.  Although it had a chill in it, there’s a difference—it’s not the chill of wintertime.

There are several things you should check now that spring is here …

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How’s Your Memory?

Here’s a little memory test for everyone…

Most people know that you can right-click on the MY COMPUTER icon, choose PROPERTIES from the menu displayed, and see how much memory is in your computer.

But there is another way—and the other way will give you a little better idea whether or not you have enough memory.
Even if you’re not a computer whiz you can do this.

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April Newsletter 2009

Below is the Blue Water News for April.  It is an Adobe PDF file, you will need the Acrobat Reader installed.

This issue includes Cleaning Your Computer, Preventative Maintenace Schedules and Checking Your Memory. 


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Attaching a file to an e-mail using Outlook Express

John, one of our customers who uses Outlook Express, recently had issues attaching a file to an email message.  The issue was that the program association in Internet Explorer had been changed to use “Outlook” instead of “Outlook Express”.  This is how I fixed it – and as a follow-up – these are instructions for John to show how to attach files to an email message.  (Click the title to learn more ..)

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