Information Management. What’s that?

Information Management is the handling of the communication or reception of knowledge, intelligence, or data; typically obtained through investigation, study, or instruction.

Sometimes it’s ensuring compliance with governmental regulation.

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Preventitive Maintenance

The trend in Corporate America today is to downsize in-house support staff. First, it is costly to maintain in-house support staff, and second, it is hard, except in larger corporations, to attract, keep, and maintain dynamic support teams.

The focus becomes development and integration and putting out fires in the interim. As a result, things fall through the cracks …

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Progress Database Reorganization

As you use your database, adding and deleting information from it over time, it becomes sluggish and needs to be reorganized. Reorganization (Dump & Load) makes all of your data contiguous again, optimizing performance, and resetting the high water mark. You take all of the data out of the database, create a new database structure, and then put all of the data into that new structure.

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Viruses, Parasites, Phishing & More

“Open the important attachment !!”

Isn’t that enough enticement to make you click that advertisement or open the email or download the program that’s going to help you to get rich quick ??? Unfortunately, for most people, it is. Very knowledgeable, intelligent people will click the button or download the program—and there isn’t any amount of education, online warnings, or policies and procedures that will stop it. It’s human nature.

Maybe it’s the get rich quick thing—maybe it’s thinking that you will miss something important. With a little common logic, a few inexpensive tools, and following simple rules that our mothers gave us, we can protect ourselves. BUT—we have to take the initiative to do it. Ironic, isn’t it, that WE are our own worst enemy??

Don’t open the door.
Don’t take candy from a stranger.
Don’t cross the road until you’ve looked both ways.
Wear your coat—and your rubbers (those things you put on your feet) – when you go out into the cold.

We can help you to help yourself to protect yourself and your system from unauthorized access. The steps that you take can also help you to ensure stability of your system, as well as protection of your data. Help yourself …

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